Kendall Bradley

Kendall Bradley’s work examines memory and place. Through travel and dislocation, Bradley strives as an artist/researcher to understand her role as both visitor and resident. Memories of place become skewed over time, often creating new 

environments through generalizing/summarizing/repeating aspects such as pattern and color.


This collection of work embodies the products of exploration and creating space through the representation of color, pattern, and object. Prismacolor drawings on handmade paper were created in response to a trip to Mexico City: abstract shapes were drawn as a way to create color relationships and were then converted into CMYK color channels and risograph printed. This series dissects a space from memory and further obscures the source images through the off-CMYK risograph printing process (teal, fluorescent pink, yellow, black).

Homecoming Hangover (is this it), 2017,

Risograph Print, 9 x 12 inches

Homecoming Hangover (neighbor), 2017,

Risograph Print, 9 x 12 inches